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Australian Road Trip: Week 3

Australian Road Trip: Week 3

Will and I are traveling from Sydney to Perth, and taking the scenic route. We're driving our 2004 Ford Territory, sleeping in a Big Daddy Deluxe swag, making our meals over a portable gas stove, and figuring the rest out as we go. We'll see some of Australia's most beautiful landscapes and surely have a few adventures along the way. The following is a raw and truthful account of our best moments, our antics, the inevitable struggles of living on the road, and our memories that are too good not to share.


I'll keep this post short and sweet, just like week 3. This week really flew by. We drove along the South Australian coastline and along the entire Eyre Peninsula. We'd enjoyed our stay on the Murray River, we had fun exploring Adelaide, and absolutely loved the cute country towns SA had to offer, but the natural beauty didn't seem to hold to the East Coast. Until now.


Tumby Bay


The Eyre Peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches Australia has to offer. And the best part is, since it's off the beaten tourist track, it's extremely quiet and peaceful. In Tumby Bay, for example, we had an entire beach to ourselves. We loved it there so much in fact, that we actually stayed for a second night. The town nearby was nice and I can imagine would be crowded and vivacious on a summer weekend. 

Our next stop was just as spectacular. We spent the night in Streaky Bay, where the campsite was located on the edge of a cliff overlooking a beach. It was sandy and windy, but it was beautiful.

The next day we drove to Ceduna, the start of the Nullarbor and the last "big" town before the nothing. We treated ourselves to a night in a caravan park. We got to shower (twice!), cook on a real stove, do laundry, interact with other people, and remain relatively clean for a day! We try to stick to free camps as much as we can, and those have been the best places along the way, but there's only so many days you can go without a shower (our limit is 4). 

From here we start the Nullarbor, We really don't know what to expect, but we are prepared for any situation. We're carrying extra fuel and water. We have enough canned food to survive an apocalypse. We have baby wipes and disinfectant and a lot of bug spray. We even got fly masks! I'm picturing a long straight road with dirt and shrubs on either side. I'm not sure how many people will be driving across, but I'm expecting a challenging few days. Luckily, a couple geniuses built an 18 hole golf course along the way, making it the longest golf course in the world! We have our $2 pop shop clubs and a few spare balls. I'm pretty sure I'll get the highest score on record, but it'll help pass the time, That, and we are going to fulfill our childhood dreams of learning all the words to Barenaked Ladies' "One Week." So look out karaoke bars, we're coming for ya!

The Deal with The Nullarbor

The Deal with The Nullarbor

Australian Road Trip: Week 2

Australian Road Trip: Week 2